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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ancient Aliens

Its a well known fact that Mexico is holding a large amount of Mayan artifacts that are 100% proof that they were made by ancient aliens. 

This is one of those artifacts. 

Although the face is a works as a QR code, I doubt the Mayans made it for that. 

Its probably a mathematical equation to warn about events to come. 

Oh, and if you didn't know already, aliens can time travel with their ships. 

It's in may reports, including my favorite, the abduction at Costa Rica. I am still trying to place the statues whereabouts. 

Where and when it was found, what museum its in, and has the statue been authenticated or carbon dated? 

News states: A photo of a statue with what looks like a QR code for a face has been making the rounds on social media, with some of the more imaginative people suggesting that it's evidence of ancient aliens. 

The "ancient aliens" would also have to be time traveling aliens, as QR codes were only invented in 1994. So the most likely explanation is that it's a modern statue." 

Altech Mexico is just an online retailer of electronic and electrical components. 

So it's likely this statue was just part of some museum exhibit sponsored by them - or possibly the artist simply picked a random QR code to use as an example.

There's been some suggestion that it might be a digital fake, but there's really nothing in the images to suggest it. 

And note the two images are different, and taken from different distances and angles. 

The shadow of the head could be interpreted as being too round - but that seems more like an optical illusion with the curve of the large central stone of the necklace continuing the curve.

Aliens and UFOs Depicted In Mayan Artifacts Released By Mexican Government August 28, 2012

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