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Monday, December 5, 2016

Second Coming on New Year’s Eve apocalypse

Christian doom-mongers fear the end of the world will take place before the beginning of 2017

YOU might think Jesus would be flattered by the fact billions of people are about to celebrate his birthday.
But you’d be wrong, because he’s actually preparing to wipe out life on Earth and leave the planet totally sterile for 1,000 years.
That’s the grim “prophecy” from a Christian computer programmer called Nora Roth, who has performed complex calculations which indicate the apocalypse will take place by the end of 2016.
Our world will then be wiped clean of life and left to “rest” for a millennium, which means it’s probably pointless trying to make any New Year’s Resolutions.
On her website, MarkBeast, Nora wrote:  “In the fall [autumn] of 2016, the 6,000 years of sin on earth will come to an end, everlasting righteousness will be brought in, and Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven.”
“Then the earth will begin its 1,000 years of rest.”
When she's not worrying about the end of the world, Nora enjoys "birding, hiking, camping, travelling, photography and working puzzles", according to her website.
She also provided the following brief statement about her extra-apocalyptic hobbies: "I love cats."
But there's nothing cute and furry about the grim fate that's awaiting humanity.
"God gives each of us a period of time on earth as probation," she added.
"This probationary period is our opportunity to repent and to have faith in Christ. My probation and your probation will end sometime between now and the fall of 2016 and it may well be sooner rather than later.
"The most important thing we can do right now is to give ourselves completely to God in humility and repentance and by faith to receive Jesus as our personal Savior."
Nora's prediction is based on a warning from "God", a character who plays a starring role in The Bible.
In the Book of Daniel, which tells the story of the Jewish people's forced relocation to Babylon, God said: 
"Seventy 'sevens' are decreed,
"For your people and your holy city,
"To finish transgression,
"To put an end to sin,
"To atone for wickedness,
"To bring in everlasting righteousness,
"To seal up vision and prophecy
"And to anoint the most holy.”
Nora suggested the word "sevens" refers to a Jubilee cycle, which is a unit of time.
Anyone who has read The Bible will know that God's working week mirrored Craig David's, in that he spent six days building the Earth before chilling on Sunday.
God also applied the same pattern on a larger scale and "told the children of Israel to plant and to harvest their land for six years and then let the land rest the seventh year", Nora added.
So a Jubilee Cycle is seven of these larger units followed by one year of rest, bringing the total to 50 years.
Nora added: "The 70 sevens prophecy in Daniel 9:24 has two fulfillments: first, the 70 sevens are 70 sabbatical cycles – 490 years, pointing to the first coming of Jesus as our Savior from sin.

The Second Coming February 4, 2015



According to Express, Trump will herald the end of the world. Nostradamus in his book of prophecies predicted 400 years ago about the “false trumpet.” He wrote that the said person will handle the military operations and compel ‘Byzantium to change its law’ which will eventually lead to Apocalypse.

It seems Donald Trump’s policies will make the US pay the huge price for it. In the Century III Quatrain 81, Nostradamus noted about the ‘shameless, audacious bawler.” It might refer to Trump who we have seen very vocal, speaking in extremes and known for loud communication.

Will Donald Trump Incite World War III?; Nostradamus Thinks So.

In Century 1, Quatrain 40, the prophecy reads, “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws.”

Byzantium was an ancient Greek Colony in Asia Minor. Here it refers to Greece which is becoming a land of immigrants and refugees.

Donald Trump is against immigration policies and has been very outspoken since the very beginning. Further in the predictions, the “trumpet” will  “go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.” This is a direct reference that Trump’s economic policies would lead the whole world into economic recession. Even the world economists believe the same.

The prophecies further reveal Trump’s presidency will end in failure and his policies will plunge the US and the whole world into war. The prophet’s predictions also point in the direction of war to be the most catastrophic. A natural calamity will add to the woes of the people already gripped in war.

Nostradamus also predicts the three Antichrist. According to him, the third antichrist will bring war and end of the world. The Mabus code in Nostradamus book points towards to Trump. Some may not believe in it, but one cannot ignore Nostradamus’s prediction, most of which has come true so far.

Nostradamus Predictions Signify Apocalypse and World War III NIRDESHINI BAGDE DEC 5, 2016

Nostradamus enthusiasts claimed that among his prophecies that came true were the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, and the September 11 terrorist attack. And now as the year 2015 is closing to an end, aficionados have been talking about the rise of the third antichrist that could happen in 2016 or any year thereafter until 2050.
Interpreting Nostradamus’ quatrains and Epistle, the Nostradamus Society of America hypothesized that the third antichrist will ascend from China. It will form an alliance with other Muslim nations and will destroy countries that believe in Christianity. Persecution will be highly militarized with Christians facing a horrific persecution according to the society’s interpretation.
The society outlined that Nostradamus seemed to have talked about the third antichrist possibly coming from a region east of the Black Sea, the eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle east. The army of the third antichrist will march towards Europe from the Caspian and Black Seas, passing through Albania and Armenia and then into Turkey and thereby invading the whole of Europe. “The grand Empire of the antichrist shall begin in the region of the former empire of Attila, the new Xerxes,” the society quoted Nostradamus, citing paragraph 23 of the epistle. The French philosopher intentionally used the names “Attila” and “Xerxes” as reference to personality traits and geographical areas, the society explained. The third antichrist will also deploy its naval fleet accompanied by the Libyans into the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, according to the society’s interpretation. Malta, Euboea, Sicily, Sardinia, the Dodecanese Islands and the Cyclades will be collateral damage at this point of invasion.
Nostradamus had spoken about Russia in relation to the third antichrist. The past years, 2014 to 2015, saw tensed relation between Russia and the west (United States and NATO allies). The relations worsened in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and Turkey’s downing of the Russian bomber over the Syrian border. The Pentagon had spoken of how Vladimir Putin could be the world’s greatest threat. At present Russia and China are strong allies. Nostradamus, however, envisioned a northern king from Aquilon or a Russian leader that will ally with the west, according to the Nostradamus Society of America. If at the start of antichrist invasion and Russia remains at odds with the west, this leader will reverse his position and will rally in combat against the antichrist.
Russia and the west will fight against the third antichrist, and this war will last for 27 years, according to the society’s reading of Nostradamus prophecy. The antichrist will be defeated and peace will reign for the next one thousand years. According to the Nostradamus Society of America, if the third antichrist does not rise in 2016, other possible years will be 2019, 2024, 2026, 2030, 2038, 2041, 2043, 2044 and 2049.

Il Nono Pianeta January 25, 2016

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